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Digital proposal: mockup of dazzle camouflage pattern adhered to bus

Side view proposal

Side view proposal

World War I era proposal for dazzle camouflage

Ultimate Vision (Dazzle Camouflage)

Unsolicited project proposal for Google worker commuter system, San Francisco Bay Area.

May 21, 2013

From: Stephanie Syjuco
To: Google

Re: Artist project proposal for Google transport system: “Ultimate Vision (Dazzle Camouflage)”

Dear Google,

Hi, how are you? I am fine. I’m writing because I have an artist proposal for you that you may find exciting and hopefully could be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Entitled “Ultimate Vision (Dazzle Camouflage),” it involves wrapping your commuter buses in a bold, vibrant pattern to create a moving, contemporary public art project that would be highly visible throughout the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area and highways of Silicon Valley.

I’ve heard a lot about your Google buses that transport your workers up and down along the Bay Area highways, picking up passengers at designated stops in different cities. Mostly, this has been noticed by casual observers as appearing to be large, unmarked Greyhound-style buses that have a certain level of anonymity to them. But there has been much discussion lately (both online and “in the real world”) that everyone pretty much knows what these buses are for and that tens of thousands of dot-com workers are utilizing this private system of transport – not just yours of course, but Facebook and numerous other Silicon Valley companies. Cultural critic Rebecca Solnit has recently written a great article about this phenomena and Stamen Design has done research to come up with a map of the system. The connections between San Francisco and Silicon Valley are indeed getting tighter and tighter, with many of your employees living, working, and playing in The City.

Carpooling and providing free transport for your workers is most certainly a good thing. Which makes me wonder: why the anonymity behind your buses? Why not let the public know that you know that they know that they are your buses? My artist proposal for you is a bold one that will add an exciting graphic element to your innovative transportation system.Using a geometric black and white pattern derived from what’s known as “dazzle camouflage”—a World War I visual treatment painted onto the exterior of battleships and meant to confuse enemy aim—my idea is to adorn all of your plain buses with a dramatic and energizing “wrap,” similar to the advertising wraps seen on San Francisco’s public MUNI buses. (You can learn more about the uses and history of dazzle camouflage by Googling it as well.)

I think this dazzle camouflage bus treatment is exciting for Google in so many ways:

• It resuscitates a historical visual technique that has allusions to the drama and energy of battle, letting everyone know that Google is at the forefront of the field of technology innovation.

• It provides a visual cue for the public to identify, without logos or traditional advertising mechanisms, that they are, indeed Google’s buses.

• It creates a wonderful visual interruption from “business as usual” in an urban setting, presenting an artistic, visionary flair to an otherwise plain landscape.

• It supports a large-scale project with a local artist and could go on to create a sense of community outreach and well-being with the Bay Area arts communities.

Google is at the forefront of so many innovative fields, both online and in the real world. Your vision knows no bounds, and, quite literally, anything is possible. My hope is that you will be able to envision this project and see it as a bold move into yet one more field: the world of public art.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on moving forward with “Ultimate Vision.” I have a rich history of collaborating with different institutions and experience with implementing large projects, which you can view on my website:

I am excited to hear back from you and really want to make this happen. The dazzle designs are ready and I am willing to work collaboratively to implement them as soon as possible.


Stephanie Syjuco

==> download PDF version