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Partial installation view

An array of fabricated items on display, all saturated in the iconic Golden Gate Bridge color

The International Orange Commemorative Store (A Proposition)

Installation at Fort Point, San Francisco, May 25 - October 28, 2012. Commissioned by the FOR-SITE Foundation as part of the exhibition "International Orange" and on the occasion of the Golden Gate Bridge's 75 Year Anniversary.

View FOR-SITE video interview
Watch KQED video interview
Listen to KQED audio from radio program "The California Report
International Orange website
Article in San Francisco Chronicle

from the press release:

The International Orange Commemorative Store (A Proposition) is stocked with a typical array of souvenirs: books, tote bags, keychains, clothes, all saturated in shades of the Golden Gate Bridge’s famous hue. One thing distinguishes this from a typical souvenir shop, however: these wares, crafted by a variety of local producers including Heath Ceramics of Sausalito, are not for sale.

Stephanie Syjuco’s installation both mimics and questions the notion of the souvenir store, where merchandise is meant to evoke, or even replace, the experience of visiting a place. Instead, the artwork offers a striking aesthetic experience of color and form. Although the installation thwarts the purchasing impulse, visitors are invited to take home a bridge-colored postcard — a free keepsake, and a reminder that there are many experiences money can’t buy.

Special thanks to:

FOR-SITE Foundation

Heath Ceramics
New Factory, Friend
Chico State University Art Department
Eric Scollon
Michael Arcega
Cassie Thornton
Ida Roden
Courtney Johnson
Melissa Day

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Left: During the run of the exhibition, 50,000 free postcards will be distributed. Right: Organic cotton tops provided by local San Francisco label New Factory, Friend, also dyed in the iconic color.

View of showcase area with framed "artwork" and custom Eames chair.

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