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Black Markets

> Unsolicited Fabrications
> Color Theory Communication Transference
> Labor Relations (After Stickley, After Morris)
> Five Days Towards a New Modernism (Beijing)

> La Maison Tunisie
> Everything Must Go (Grey Market)

> Future Shock Nesting Boxes
> Wirtschafts-werte (Economic Values)
> Pacific Super
> Doppelgangers
> Werkstaat and Books & Disks
> Multi-User Interfaces
> Comparative Morphologies
> I Love Technology and Technology Loves Me

Self Constructions 








left: original construction diagrams; right: international shipping boxes and produce boxes being cut down.


Labor Relations (After Stickley, After Morris)

Upcycled shipping boxes and moving blankets, built to exact specifications. Included in "This Side Up: The Art of Cardboard" at the San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA.

This project revisits and recreates iconic furniture from the Arts & Crafts Movement, an artisan-led endeavor that produced handcrafted designs for the consumer in direct contrast to the mass produced assembly-line products after the Industrial Revolution.

Using exact diagrams and schematics, this work uses the leftovers of today’s globalized “labor”—the shipping boxes that move imported goods overseas from factory to consumer as well as produce boxes from local California farms in an attempt to tie together historical issues of labor and production.

The original markings on the boxes are left intact, and the final works bear the signs of transit, company logos, and the very human handling that came to package and deliver the goods. Blue moving blankets are used to create the upholstery of the furniture, further alluding to issues of labor and transit.

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