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> Neutral Calibration Studies (Ornament + Crime)
> Neutral Orchids
> Cargo Cults
> Money Factory (An Economic Reality Game)
> Empire Gardens
> Hecho en Cuba (Made in Cuba)
> Artificial Currencies
> Dazzle Camouflage at Workshop Residence
> Public Pedagogy
> Market Forces
> American Rubble (Lancaster Avenue)
> The Fabricators (Tbilisi Edition)
> This is Not the Berlin Wall
> Dirty Works
> Copystand Books (Kronika Edition)
> Dazzle Camouflage Projects
> Cascadian Pattern Collapse
> Modern Ruins (Popular Cannibals)
> Re-Mediation Lab
> Afghanicraftistan
> Empire/Other
> Ultimate Fabrication Challenge (Fauxrijuana)
> The Precariat (Material Witnesses)
> Cargo Cults: Object Agents
> Neutral Displays (Small Dilemmas)
> Ultimate Vision (Dazzle Camouflage)
> Ornament and Crime (Villa Savoye)
> Speculative Propositions
> Excess Capital
> FREE TEXTS: An Open Source Reading Room
> The International Orange Commemorative Store (A Proposition)
> Phantoms (H_RT F D_RKN_SS)
> Pattern Migration
> Shadowshop
> Learning to Love You (All)
> Particulate Matter: Things, Thingys, Thingies
> notMOMA
> COPYSTAND: An Autonomous Manufacturing Zone
> Custom Transitional Utility Object (Morris Mover)
> Temporal Aggregate (Borrowed Beuys)
> Anti-Factory Bristol
> Towards a New Theory of Color Reading
> The Berlin Wall
> Counterfeit Crochet Project (Critique of a Political Economy)

Black Markets 
Self Constructions 









Partial installation view

Flyer wall

FREE TEXTS: An Open Source Reading Room

Commissioned for the ZERO1 Art and Technology Biennial, San Jose, CA. September 12 - December 5, 2012. An ongoing, accumulating selection of titles, included in exhibitions of The Bucharest Biennial 2014, Galerie Joseph Tang (Paris), Z33 Contemporary Artspace (Hasselt, Belgium), Bangkok Arts and Culture Center, Kronika Contemporary Art Space (Poland), and others. Curatorial contributions by Lian Ladia, Danny Orendorff, Faythe Levine, Ginger Brooks-Takahashi, Narawan "Kyo" Pathomvat, Astria Suparak, among others.

Artforum review, October 2011

This installation functions as a physical archive, public reading room and actual printing site for texts dealing with the thorny issues of digital copyright, open source culture, alternatives to capitalism and the state of the intellectual commons in the 21st Century. Visitors are invited to pull tabs from a wall of flyers that advertize URLs to download their own copy of text, many of which have been illegally uploaded by anonymous file sharers around the world. A Production Desk houses a laptop, laserjet printer, and thermal binder for on-site printing, staffed periodically by the artist-as-librarian. Printed versions of the texts are available for reading and previewing on the bookshelves.

The texts are curated around the history of the open source movement, creative commons, remix culture, and challenges to copyright in the digital era, engaging the public in a lively dialogue of ownership and public access. File sharing and copyright infringement—of media, entertainment, creative works, and intellectual property—are hot political and cultural topics in a world increasingly seeking to commodify the production and dissemination of ideas and information.

The internet has created a seemingly endless amount of ways in which information can be spread, much to the consternation of copyright holders. Surprisingly, not only music and media are illicitly shared online, but also texts, which are sometimes scanned directly out of books and traded within the academic community. A quick internet search can uncover an amazing amount of them, many ironically being themselves about open source culture and copyright.

In a much larger context, the fight for access to cultural resources can also be linked to the fight for physical resources, such as in the field of agriculture and bioengineering, where corporations are claiming patents on genes of plants and animals. FREE TEXT: The Open Source Reading Room is a space devoted to an urgent and pressing topic that will shape how the future accesses and produces culture.

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Flyer wall and Reading Area, ZERO1 Biennial, 2012

Reading Area and Production Desk, ZERO1 Biennial, 2012

Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris, 2013

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