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Artificially grown "Brightleaf" Virginia Tobacco (American Civil War era strain), photographic lighting kits and mylar sheeting.

Empire Gardens
2015 - ongoing

Experiments in progress for future work.

Part of a research project involving growing crops significant to the formation of historical empire, colonization, and the Industrial Revolution, at the UC Berkeley Art Department Project Lab. Includes samples of tobacco, cotton, indigo, poppy, corn, and more.

Involves indoor and outdoor control groups testing levels of optimum artificial lighting for growth and propogation from seed. Final results could be incorporated in a larger installation involving wooden facsmilies of Industrial Revolution-era steam engines based on fictional designs, a small-scale Victorian greenhouse based on London's Crystal Palace built to house the Great Exhibition of 1851, and a print series using modified vintage botanical imagery. And potentially a pedagogical garden for teaching the history of global empire based on living plants.

Tobacco seedlings and growing conditions utilizing traditional photographic lighting equipment.

Nipping flower buds off of tobacco in order to put more of the plant's energy toward leaf production; outdoor control samples after 6 months of growth.

Harvested tobacco leaves

Next generation: massive amounts of seed production from mature tobacco plants left to flower.

Cotton and indigo seedlings under artificial conditions; cotton boll production

Papaver somniferum (poppy) outdoor growth; poppy heads harvested and photographed in front of Afghan Baluch rug

Collected samples of fictional steam engine designs from anonymous users of SketchUp, a free 3D design program.

Vintage research imagery; wooden model of a cotton gin

The Crystal Palace, London, 1851; ad hoc seedling station at UC Berkeley office.