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Black Markets

> Unsolicited Fabrications
> Color Theory Communication Transference
> Labor Relations (After Stickley, After Morris)
> Five Days Towards a New Modernism (Beijing)

> La Maison Tunisie
> Everything Must Go (Grey Market)

> Future Shock Nesting Boxes
> Wirtschafts-werte (Economic Values)
> Pacific Super
> Doppelgangers
> Werkstaat and Books & Disks
> Multi-User Interfaces
> Comparative Morphologies
> I Love Technology and Technology Loves Me

Self Constructions 








installation view

Plant and Shadow (Graffiti): fake plant, pottery, cut windowtint vinyl.

Unititled (Graffiti): cut windowtint vinyl


Doppelgangers (Gothic Objects)

foamcore, contact paper, velcro, artificial plants, fluorescent lights, window tint vinyl

170" x 150" x 130"
Installed at the San Jose Museum of Art. Travelled to the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art.


by Cathy Kimball, curator, San Jose Museum of Art.

San Francisco artist Stephanie Syjuco states of her work, "I seek to physically blur the boundaries, to create a synthesis of fact and fiction, in order to ask: what would this intersection--this new territory--look like?" Syjuco's words are fully reflected in her most recent installation "Doppelgangers (Gothic Objects)," 2000, which will be on view in the exhibition. In "Doppelgangers," Syjuco has created a phycial metaphor for the collision of the past with the future based on her internet research into Gothic buttresses and the latest styles in cheap modular furniture. The motivation for this installation, which resembles factory-made, assemble-it-yourself contemporary furniture, stems from the idea of a "tech"-noir --an apprehension or suspicion of a technologically saturated society and how that saturation will affect the future. In Syjuco's view, the issues of a "cultural breakdown, immigrations, and mono-culture, will all pose some interesting questions about intersections of 'purity' and 'heritage.' This Gothic-inspired, familiar-yet-alien structure seeks to address some of these issues."

Wall shelf, detail

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