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Physical tests utilizing "dazzle camouflage" disruptive patterning on solid objects and surfaces

digital rendering of Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye iconic Modernist building wrapped in traditional Vietnamese and Algerian patterns to create an ethnicized "dazzle camouflage" effect

Dazzle Camouflage Propositions (Effed-Up EYE HURT)

My recent explorations of "dazzle camouflage" -- a WWI era tactic of wrapping battleships witha graphic black and white pattern to confuse enemy aim -- has resulted in physical studio tests as well as a series of speculative proposals for public works. By augmenting the graphic imagery with stark black and white renderings of traditional ethnic patterns, the resulting 21st Century dazzle camouflage hints at a globalized vision that reflects the complexities of migrations and colonizations.

This includes proposals to:

1. Wrap Le Corbusier's iconic Modernist building Villa Savoye with a pattern derived from Vietnamese and Algerian textiles (France having occupied both countries at one time);

2. Cover massive cargo ships and the shipping containers that traverse the globe

3. Paint Philippine jeepneys in a graphic pattern to highlight it's already-hybrid historical pedigree of being a mutation of U.S. Army jeeps transformed from wartime leftovers into modes of populist transport.

4. Create a limited edition series of IKEA furniture that would decorate a very unsettling domestic atmosphere;

5. Put forth a publicly-circulating proposal, "Ultimate Vision (Dazzle Camouflage)," to adorn Silicon Valley's private "Google buses" in an attempt to call attention to the tensions inherent in gentrification and the economic transformation of the San Francisco Bay Area.

>> history of dazzle camouflage

pattern details

digital rendering of Hapag-Lloyd shipping containers

Digital rendering of Philippine jeepney wrapped in dazzle camouflage

Digital rendering of IKEA furniture covered in dazzle camouflage pattern

Physical tests utilizing "dazzle camouflage" disruptive patterning on solid objects and surfaces