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Black Markets

> Unsolicited Fabrications
> Color Theory Communication Transference
> Labor Relations (After Stickley, After Morris)
> Five Days Towards a New Modernism (Beijing)

> La Maison Tunisie
> Everything Must Go (Grey Market)

> Future Shock Nesting Boxes
> Wirtschafts-werte (Economic Values)
> Pacific Super
> Doppelgangers
> Werkstaat and Books & Disks
> Multi-User Interfaces
> Comparative Morphologies
> I Love Technology and Technology Loves Me

Self Constructions 








(left): Comparative Morphologies LII, 32" x 40"
(right): Comparative Morphologies LIII, 32" x 40"

Comparative Morphologies

Archival iris prints on Somerset paper
Set of 12 individual images


What looks like vintage natural history studies turns out to be, on closer inspection, images of computer and technological cords and peripherals, each slightly manipulated to take on organic characteristics--a fused or sprouting growth from a stem, a viral infection, or a radial symmetry.

I used a digital camera to photograph the computer cords and peripherals that surrounded my home workstation, and then transferred them to the computer where i digitally altered and added to the original images. Arranged suggestively on an image of a vintage print (the original botanical images on it having been erased), the techie beginnings become transformed into the final archival-quality iris prints.

The series consists of 12 individual images, with sizes for the full set as follows: 2 large (30" x 40"), 2 medium (20" x 30"), and eight small (15" x 20").




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