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> Body Double (Platoon)

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Black Market Blowout

Recycled IKEA furniture, paper mache covered objects
Overall 15' x 10' x 7'


"Black Market Blowout” is a stylized shelving unit loosely based on Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Fallingwater, but made of recycled IKEA melamine furniture. Resting upon the mismatched shelving panels are “re-made” product units made of conjoined items that were at one time in economic circulation but are no longer so (by either being cast-out, broken, non-functioning, or obsolete). Bound together in small groups and covered in a black paper-mache skin, they become strange new items that have entered into an alternate, undefinable, and resistant form of production and consumption. The result is akin to a department store display unit gone wrong.

As a "re-do" of an iconic American building this work is at once an homage to the original as well as a mutant and bastard translation of it into a new and different form. It is an implosion of image and object references—-melding together issues of architecture, historical memory, high/low art, and economic as well as cultural production and consumption.

This work was shown alongside the "Black Market Series" lightjet prints, the black forms in the images playing against the physical black forms of the sculptures.






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